Nice to meet you

What I do

Graphic design

Graphic designs that translate your message well and clean.
I do not ‘just’ make a poster or a brochure, I look into your brand and
try to find that what makes your brand stand out and enhance it.


Making strong illustrations using mixed media.
I make it a challenge to translate a character or information and
present it in a way that truly represents your brand.
A visually pleasing illustration makes me happy.


My paintings are made with love and passion. I paint everyday
and try to improve my skills with every stroke.
My subjects are mostly woman, however I am
open and enjoy trying new stuff.


Available for commisions
See the diversity and details of my work in my portfolio!

Featured work of the moment 
@ShadowsEdge and a freelance webdesign.

Personal projects
See my blog to follow all my personal works. Or take a look at
my instagram profile!