2018 - now
Website: www.shadowsedge.com
Activities: UX design, Digital Presentation such as Social media images, videos and presentations. 
Currently designing a platform that learns teens Social and Emotional Skills using Shadow's Edge.
Better mental health for teens
Shadow's Edge helps thousands of teens worldwide with their mental health. By a deliberately thought out story that follows the general known path of emotional healing and a great in game community, they offer a complete package. The app provides prompted journal questions that make teens think and meditations that helps them centre. The app encourages artistic expression and reflection.
All this within reach for everyone, free and on their phone. 
A playful style
Gripping teens attention isn't easy now-a-days. With everything that they can find to enjoy themselves online, you need to stand out. The new look and feel makes the brand stand out, look playful, fun and appealing, with an edge of seriousness.  More and more players are joining the game everyday. 
Social and Emotional Learning in schools using Shadow's Edge
Shadow's Edge is expanding their reach with a course in Social and Emotional Learning to be tought in schools. How wonderful to see that they are expanding their reach even further so that more and more kids gain the skills they need to deal with the challenges that life trows their way. 
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