This period in my life is probably the most productive up until now. I try to paint or graphic design something everyday. You can only learn by doing and that is exactly what I am striving for. I do like the learning process and the feeling of possibly becoming better and better and eventually good.

Through painting I unconsiously realize what I like to paint and what not. How I distribute my time, the techniques I use and the mistake I still have to correct. So much to learn that even painting everyday doesn’t give the feeling of fullfilment yet.

However that also is precisely the beauty in what I do, being able to see progress, and learning a lot every painting. Again and again. And knowing that on whatever point in your carreer you are, there will be lots more to learn. It keeps me motivated and critical. Enthusiastic and ambitious.

Here is an overview of the paintings I recently made. I usually put my drawings up on the wall in my drawing corner to be able to see general topics, made mistakes and to get an overview of my work. It gives me a critical view on where I lack skills and what I need to improve. Mainly they are up there to remind me that I am not there yet.
After a couple of paintings I always take everything down again. And just start over. Fresh start. New beginning, however you like to call it, it works cleansing on me.