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Nice to meet you,
take a peek into my world

Hi, about me. My name is Ilse, I live in The Netherlands. I love to create graphic designs, illustrations and art. I am an enthusiast, a lover of simplicity and eager to learn. As a creator I am collecting information and impressions everywhere and I put my ideas to the test. My speciality are concept thinking and mixed media designs.

I studied Industrial Design, and I discovered what design really ment to me. Creating for individuals and not for a mass of people. I can translate a story or an idea into a representable illustration or graphic design. I love perfectioning my work before delivering it and enjoy to think along to perceive more then you expected before hand.

Interested in my work?

Have you seen my portfolio and are you interested in a graphic design for your company? Would you like a unique illustration for your website, flyer or poster? You can then send me an email or give me a call!