A couple of days ago I received my wacom tablet, which enables me to work on the go, in bed or on the couch, but most importantly helps me to make my art authentic and original in execution. The strokes are more fluent and I just love the workflow on my tablet!

Painting everyday

This period in my life is probably the most productive up until now. I try to paint or graphic design something everyday. You can only learn by doing and that is exactly what I am striving for. I do like the learning process and the feeling of possibly becoming better and better and eventually good. […]

Another painting project

It might seem like most of my paintings do not connect with graphic design in any way. I do however find it usefull to produce a painting once in a while. Producing ‘useless’ things keep me motivated and enthousiastic. When I make something, over which non will judge, for which no performance stress is nessecary, […]

Meet the artist

Nice to meet you, take a peek into my world About me, Ilse. I am a Holland based artist and designer who focuses on graphic design and documenting my thoughts through paintings. I am an enthusiast, a lover of simplicity and eager to learn. As a creator I am collecting information and impressions everywhere and I […]

Painting: Our images [2/3]

Mixed Media Waterpaint Markers Fineliner Photoshop This painting is the second of a series I am making. This serie is about the way we present ourselfes. I try to be critic and give my opinion. This painting is based on a girl I saw on the train.  However, it could be anyone, because we all […]

New to portfolio

My work at Shosho is now added to my portfolio. I had a really nice time at Shosho, they where so kind to let me take a look behind the scenes and help them out, while I was searching for what exactly I wanted to do for my carreer. They showed me a variety of […]