Painting everyday

This period in my life is probably the most productive up until now. I try to paint or graphic design something everyday. You can only learn by doing and that is exactly what I am striving for. I do like the learning process and the feeling of possibly becoming better and better and eventually good. […]

Another painting project

It might seem like most of my paintings do not connect with graphic design in any way. I do however find it usefull to produce a painting once in a while. Producing ‘useless’ things keep me motivated and enthousiastic. When I make something, over which non will judge, for which no performance stress is nessecary, […]

Meet the artist

Nice to meet you, take a peek into my world About me, Ilse. I am a Holland based artist and designer who focuses on graphic design and documenting my thoughts through paintings. I am an enthusiast, a lover of simplicity and eager to learn. As a creator I am collecting information and impressions everywhere and I […]

Painting: Our images [2/3]

Mixed Media Waterpaint Markers Fineliner Photoshop This painting is the second of a series I am making. This serie is about the way we present ourselfes. I try to be critic and give my opinion. This painting is based on a girl I saw on the train.  However, it could be anyone, because we all […]

Painting: Our images [1/3]

Mixed media Marker Waterpaint Photoshop Fineliner I’ve been spending a lot of time painting, drawing, writing and making photographs. – I’ve been doing crafts since a young age, however recently I rediscovered how much it actually means to me. It has been an outlet of my creativity and thoughts. Where as design follows certain rules and […]