Painting: Our images [2/3]

Mixed Media Waterpaint Markers Fineliner Photoshop This painting is the second of a series I am making. This serie is about the way we present ourselfes. I try to be critic and give my opinion. This painting is based on a girl I saw on the train.  However, it could be anyone, because we all [...]

New to portfolio

My work at Shosho is now added to my portfolio. I had a really nice time at Shosho, they where so kind to let me take a look behind the scenes and help them out, while I was searching for what exactly I wanted to do for my carreer. They showed me a variety of [...]

Let’s Play Ball

For Let's Play Ball I designed a logo. Let's Play Ball is an initiative that organizes events for kids, so they get in touch with sports. At the moment handbal and basketbal organisiations are included, but they hope to include more sports in the future.

A poster for …

A project about the ability to translate a personality into a poster. Recently, I started this series. I want to keep on practicing my graphic design skill, however I do not want to depend purely on randomness. When working on commission, you have to be able to translate a feeling, brand, personality or concept into [...]

New to portfolio: Chef Abbas

The project from Chef Abbas is added to my portfolio. Take a look here. The project was in coorperation with lots of other people who where willing to help Abbas out. Abbas is a nice, friendly guy with a passion for cooking. Especially Persian food. His new takeaway restaurant located in Gorinchem has just opened [...]